MPH Fulfilment Ltd is the home of the MEDI-Clear® compliance packaging seal supplied to customers and distributors throughout the world.

The MEDI-Clear® compliance packaging range helps ensure that patients take the right medication at the right time, every time. Medicines are dispensed into handy weekly or monthly packs where each of the patient’s tablets are in a separate compartment depending on the time of day they need to take them.

Features unique to the system include:
  • A 'pull-tab' seal for ease of opening each compartment
  • Easy to read symbols and dosage times
  • A protective cover that closes over the case to protect the safety seal during handling or transport
  • Customised seal designs creating loyalty and contact information for Pharmacy Chains and NHS Trusts
The benefits to patients of using a MEDI-Clear® system include:
  • Providing a storage system for their medicines which is easy to access and store
  • Reducing the complexity of the medicines regimen
  • Minimising the risk of making mistakes with dosage