2 Ply Peel and Reseal Labels

Our 2 ply machine, installed in August 2012 offers a unique alternative to traditional labels allowing more space for additional content to be printed without compromising on product or pack size.

The hinged 2 layer peel and reseal label is ideal for incorporating recipe ideas, instruction, brand promotions or additional languages requirements.

Peel and Reseal Specifications

  • Printable upto 14 colours, 7 colours to the face, one colour on reverse and an additional 6 colours to base.
  • Single colour on reverse (self adhesive).
  • Wide range of materials and adhesives available including paper and synthetics.
  • Can also be produced without a hinge to allow complete removal of top layer.
  • Can be die cut to any shape.
  • Peel here adhesive kill on face material to facilitate easy removal from carrier.

Please contact us for samples or to discuss your 2 ply peel and seal requirements.